Improving Healthcare 

David Cook believes that potentially lifesaving preventative health services and routine preventative care should never be seen as unobtainable. As our next State Representative David will fight to increase funding for women's health care, providing increased access to cancer screenings and mammograms for all women, as well as ensure all children have access to quality healthcare, regardless of income.

Supporting Law Enforcement

As Mayor, David helped make Mansfield one of the safest cities in Texas. While some seek to defund our police departments David is committed to supporting our police by giving them resources they need to investigate crimes. In the legislature David will work to implement programs that will ensure officers look more like the communities they serve, provide officers more resources and training focused on de-escalation tactics, and require body cams for all officers.

School Safety

David will support programs that increase mental health resources and allow intervention before violence occurs in the classroom because parents should never worry about the safety of their children at school.

Cutting Taxes 

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, David Cook lead the charge in Mansfield to cut property taxes to give families the critical tax relief they need. Texas currently has the 3rd highest property taxes in the nation, as our next state representative David will fight to reform the property tax appraisal process and deliver real tax relief. 

Securing Our Border

David supports adding additional protection and law enforcement resources along the southern border to protect Texas families from violent criminals, drug cartels, and put a halt to human trafficking.


Strengthening Public Education

Strong public schools are key to the continued prosperity of Texas. David will work to ensure that every child has access to a good education and that our educators are given the tools they need to help our children succeed.