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Improving Healthcare 

David Cook believes that potentially lifesaving preventative health services and routine preventative care should never be seen as unobtainable. As our next State Representative David will fight to increase funding for women's health care, providing increased access to cancer screenings and mammograms for all women, as well as ensure all children have access to quality healthcare, regardless of income.

Supporting Law Enforcement and Keeping our Cities Safe

David has long been a strong supporter of our law enforcement. Through his leadership as Mayor, Mansfield earned the distinction of being ranked one of the Safest Cities in Texas. Last session, David was proud to “Back the Blue” and voted for a bill which prohibited liberal politicians from defunding local police departments. He will continue to fight to keep our communities safe as your State Representative in Austin.

School Safety

David will support programs that increase mental health resources and allow intervention before violence occurs in the classroom because parents should never worry about the safety of their children at school.

Lowering Property Taxes

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, David Cook lead the charge in Mansfield to cut property taxes to give families the critical tax relief they need. Texas currently has the 3rd highest property taxes in the nation, as our next state representative David will fight to reform the property tax appraisal process and deliver real tax relief. 

Securing Our Border

The Biden administration’s failure to secure our Southern Border impacts the safety of all communities in Texas, including ours. Last session, David was proud to vote for legislation which appropriated $3 billion in state funding to secure our border, the highest amount of border security funding in Texas history. David will continue to support legislation that cracks down on human trafficking and drug smuggling by cartels on our Southern Border.

Standing Tall for Religious Liberty

As a Christian Lawmaker, David remains committed to safeguarding our religious and individual liberties.  Last session, David supported a constitutional amendment which ensured churches and houses of worship were allowed to remain open during natural disasters and pandemics and will prevent such closures in the future. David is a member of the National Association of Christian Lawmakers (NACL), where he serves as the State Chairman for Texas.


Supports our Schools and Teachers

As a product of Mansfield High in Mansfield ISD, David realizes the importance of supporting our schools and teachers. Last session, David was proud to support legislation which provided a “13th check” to retired teachers. He also supported a bill which prohibited the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. As your State Representative, David will ensure that our teachers and classrooms have the resources needed to provide a quality education for our children..

Defending our Second Amendment Rights

The Constitution is clear: the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.” As a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, David was proud to vote for the “Firearm Carry Act of 2021,” which allowed law-abiding gun owners to carry without a permit. David will continue to defend our 2nd Amendment rights as your State Representative.

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