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Apply for your Absentee Ballot 

Dear Friend,


This election will be one for the history books. I am writing to give you any help you may need to participate.


As a senior, you can vote by mail, early in person (in-person voting will start a week early this election!), or you can vote on election day (November 3, 2020).


However you choose to vote, please read below on how to vote successfully and securely.


Here are a few things to help you get familiar with me:

  • As a local Mayor, I have led one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas and helped lead our area to be named one of the Best Places to Live in America. My focus has been on responsible growth, excellent jobs and better transportation.

  • I strongly support our police. I will get law enforcement the tools they need to prosecute sexual assault crimes and deliver justice to victims.

  • I support excellent education. I will pass school safety measures to improve security in our schools, increase mental health resources for students, and allow law enforcement to intervene before violence occurs in the classroom.


As seniors, you have earned the right to vote by mail. Your official application or ballot-by-mail is linked below and I encourage you to print it out, sign it, affix a first-class stamp, and mail it in right away. Once you receive your ballot in the mail, you simply vote and mail it back. It’s that easy.


The deadline is soon, so please submit the request for a ballot by mail today!

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